Albemarle Homes Charges Forward

Albemarle Homes, is charging forward in support of the Government’s ‘Road to Zero’ strategy.  The family owned housebuilder, with developments across the North Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire regions has announced it has partnered with Webasto, a leading European manufacturer of EV solutions, to provide the option of an EV charging station to every house buyer.

Darryl Barker, Albemarle Homes Managing Director commented: “As the country forms strategies to move forward with the Government’s Green Industrial Revolution plan, we felt it is hugely important that we continue to support our buyers as their future motoring needs change.

“With anything, research is key to understanding the effectiveness of a product or solution and as with the materials we use to build and finish our homes, high quality and efficiency is what we looked for when choosing a charging station.  Webasto came out top in our criteria which included, efficiency, functionality and aesthetics.”

Rather than offering a standard accessible three pin socket, it was important to Albemarle Homes to offer a safer, faster version of home charging to ensure its customers reaped maximum benefits now and in the future. The Webasto chargers are suitable for all electrical vehicle types from vans to minis.

Albemarle Homes has also had three Webasto charging stations installed at its Head Office premises in Doncaster.  “It was important that we tried and tested the charging stations before we offered them as an option to our buyers, we have been extremely impressed with their efficiency and are pleased to now be including them as an optional extra for all our buyers.  And, are delighted to be forging ahead with homes and solutions that provide our buyers with a peace of mind for a changing future.”

Albemarle Homes, has installed Webasto EV charging stations as standard at its Priory Paddocks development in Blyth, as part of the development’s planning requirements and, will offer the EV chargers as an optional extra at its developments; Westmoor Grange, Armthorpe, Doncaster and Vicarage Fields, Beckingham.

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