Beckingham School Pupil Makes History Thanks to Albemarle Homes

Albemarle Homes, has given local school children an opportunity to make history by choosing the street name at its new homes’ development in the village of Beckingham, North Nottinghamshire.

Vicarage Fields, the exclusive development of just 33 new homes has just one street that meanders through it and the school children at Beckingham Primary School were tasked with creating its name.

“It has been really enjoyable to involve the children in the street naming process and we thank them all for their efforts,” said Charlotte Kirk Head of Sales at Albemarle Homes.  “Naming streets is far more complicated than people realise as there are specific criteria set by local councils. The names suggested by the children were really well researched and thought through.”

On this occasion the children of Beckingham Primary School were asked to look into the history of the village and including any local flora, fauna or wildlife that were associated with the area.

“The project was given to us during lockdown so it was a nice opportunity for children to take a break from their online studies and call friends and family who have lived in Beckingham for years to discover their thoughts about the village,” said Liz Moore, Head Teacher. “To be given the chance to create a little bit of history in the village where the children live and go to school is a fantastic opportunity that they all relished in.”

Harrison, a pupil at the school was chosen as the winner thanks to his suggestion of ‘Lapwing Lane’ and received a commemorative street sign and a £20 book voucher.  Harrison was inspired by the local wildlife in the village and his research into native birds to the area.  However, due to the street not being a through road, this has since been altered to Close.  This was just one of the many excellent suggestions that stood out to the Albemarle Homes team and that was eventually decided on by the local council.

Charlotte concluded: “We’re delighted to have been able to give this unique opportunity to the local children and Lapwing Close will be a lovely legacy for Harrison to enjoy for years to come.”

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