BLOG – The Perfect Valentine’s Dinner In Lockdown

Valentines DinnerValentine’s Day will definitely be a little different for most this year.

Reservations at fine dining restaurants are a no go but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate!

Hosting from home may sound stressful but, we’ve put together this ‘How To’ blog to make even the most apprehensive cooks create a masterpiece to enjoy with their loved one, whether that’s in person or via Zoom!

So, what’s the best thing about staying in this Valentine’s?  You can relax in the comfort of your own home, you can even wear your best dress or suit but team it with your comfy slippers, comfort and relaxation is definitely the theme for this Valentine’s!

So where to start?



It’s all in the preparation!  So, make sure the kids are fed and settled down for the night in their room, choose your meal location, instead of sitting in the dining room why not move a table into a different area in your home to make it feel more special?  Or even, if you’re brave enough, outside?  A tent or gazebo can be quite romantic with the right lighting and a blanket or two.

For those entertaining over Zoom why not choose a different back drop – you could even create your own background of a picture of the two of you? Here’s a guide how to do this: Customized Background


Don’t forget the table decorations too, home-made confetti hearts (something that the kids could help with) or a few printed pictures of the two of you scattered around, with some candles or even battery powered fairy lights in a jar can all create a romantic ambience.


The Menu

There are numerous recipe blogs out there that cater for, shall we say, the more skilled chefs, but let’s face it sometimes we just need a good old staple menu that we know we can turn our hand to and impress!

So, here’s our 5 course menu that looks impressive yet is totally doable!


Appetiser  – Rustic Tomato Bruschetta

Tomato Bruschetta is the perfect starter. A dish that’s not too heavy. It is a classic Italian starter which literally bursts with flavour. BBC good food has the perfect recipe to follow:


Palate Cleanser – Fresh Granita Mango Sorbet

Why not break your courses up with a fresh fruity sorbet. Sorbet is a great palate cleanser to freshen up before the statement dish. Below is a step by step guide for a variety of flavours.  A heads up – the Granita version means you don’t need to use an ice cream maker!  A simple freezer can do the trick just as good!


Main Course – The Best Spaghetti Bolognese

Who doesn’t love a Spag Bol? This dish is a popular meal that many consider their signature dish. A mean Spag Bol can be perfectly partnered with crusty garlic bread.

Not sure you up the ante with your signature dish, don’t worry we have the perfect easy to follow recipe for you to try, this can also be easily adapted for vegetarians or vegans:


Dessert – Berry cheesecake ‘a la glass’

Cheesecake in a glass sounds fancy  and looks amazing especially with fresh berries on top! But it’s super easy to do check out this recipe…


Post Meal Drinks – Coffee with a tipple and chocolate delights

A coffee liqueur is a perfect last course. Plus it’s an Italian classic! So why not add a tipple to your after dinner coffee and partner it with some Valentine’s inspired chocolates too!

Homemade Coffee Liqueur Recipe (


And ‘tutto bene’ – All is well!


We’ve made sure all our recipes use general ingredients that you may already have, if not they can easily be found at your local supermarket, so go fill your trolley and make someone happy this Valentine’s Day!


Whether you’ve made this together via zoom or as a surprise for your Valentine don’t forget to share your creations with us on our social channels, we’d love to see them!  Just make sure you include #albemarlehomes


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